Stephan Hübsch

Dipl.-Ing. (MSc)

  • About Me

    1993: Born in Vienna
    2015: BSc in Physics (TU Wien)
    2018: MSc in Physics (TU Wien)

    Now: PhD Course (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    Nuclear Hadron Physics Group

  • Projects

  • 2019

    Study Notes

    Quark content of the neutral pion  
    Review: Bethe-Salpeter equation  
    Quantum effective action  
    Noether's theorems (general case)  
    Chirality in the EM Field Strength Tensor  
    Cheat Sheet: Young Tableaux  

  • 2018/03

    In-Hadron Condensates in an Analytic Salpeter Approach

    Master's Thesis, supervised by W. Lucha and M. Faber  


  • 2017/12

    Low-Energy Dynamics of 2D SUSY Gauge Theories

    Project Work, supervised by J. Knapp and Y. Imamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology)  

  • 2017/02

    Excited Quarkonia in the Extended Linear Sigma Model (eLSM)

    Project Work, supervised by D. Parganlija

  • 2015/09

    Focusing on Moving Targets Behind Scattering Media

    Bachelor's Thesis, supervised by S. Rotter and P. Ambichl  

  • Skills

  • 2018/04

    Physics GRE

    Scaled Score: 950/990
    Percentile: 90%

    Score Report:

  • Languages

    German (native)
    English (fluent1)
    Japanese (intermediate2)
    Italian (basics)
    French (basics)

    1TOEFL: 110/120  
    2JLPT N4  
  • Programming

    Mathematica (proficient)
    Python (intermediate)
    C / C++ (intermediate)
    FORTRAN (elementary)
    HTML, CSS, Javascript (elementary)
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